Friday, 9 March 2012

Sayonara, my dear best girlfriend :')

This is a special post, dedicated to a very special friend, Zalikha Azman, who is on her way to a new life as I am writing.
Zalikha or Ika, one of my best girl friend, whom we developed our friendship together with Anis, Ainul, Nisa and Atie, only very recently since moving to this new house. The smile and laughter are the factors we started our bonding, with our every day gossiping and gone wild! Lol.
We had known each other for only 4 months, but our friendship started to foster. And there our friendship strangely grew rapidly and strongly.
You are a very special person, have a very good personality that I admire. You have a very strong will power, perseverance, kind hearted, caring, friendly… whatever – only goodness I see in you!
We've shared many smiles and many tears, but nothing beats the laughter. 
No doubt, it is very sad to see you leaving us for good. Gossiping, karaoke-ing, sleeping, all those -ings will no longer be the same any more without you. However, I am very happy for you, that you are starting this new chapter of your life there. It is very exciting for you, and we are all looking forward to be able to vacation at your new place after you have settled.
From today, this moment onwards, our home now will no longer be called ‘home’ to you, and future visits (or ‘return’) would be just vacation. May you settle in the new place quickly, get a good job, and able to start a new home soon.
All the best, Zalikha! May God bless you a smooth and easy start of the new life.
Love, Elys :')